Thimbles For You from Fairfield, Iowa.
I am a silversmith. I make and sell sterling silver thimbles and sewing tools. Each one is unique: It is cast and hardened and finished by hand in my studio.
Each of my pieces come with a lifetime guarantee: I will repair and replace anything that happens to your thimble, forever. If you use it so much that you punch a hole in your thimble, I will repair it and mail it back to you. If your finger changes sizes (for any reason) I will trade your poorly fitting thimble for one that fits.... any time forever. If you gift your beautiful, heirloom thimble to a friend/relative, they can bring it to me and trade it for a thimble that fits THEM. Children are allowed to trade their thimble ANY TIME for a new size that fits them. Many grandma's teach their grandchildren to sew. Keep the thimble at your house.... The only thing that I can't fix is "lost". Don't lose your thimble!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.