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Diane Phalen likes to say "I quilt with my paintbrush." Diane is not an actual quilter but has made hundreds of quilts - not with needle and thread - but with paintbrushes, watercolor paint, and paper. Having always loved to draw and paint, Diane spends a lot of time in nature observing the changing seasons, flowers, birds, and wildlife and committing them to canvas

Diane hopes to convey the emotion she sees in nature and the beauty of quilts with their colors and patterns. Each painting takes many long hours, even as long as up to two months to complete. Though her main medium is watercolor, through the years Diane has experimented with some acrylic paints, ink, and watercolor pencils - anything to achieve the desired effects. Diane's unique technique includes applying layer upon layer of watercolor to achieve deep, textured hues. For a special effect, she even adds tiny stitches to the quilts with her paintbrush!

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